Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

Observing Servant Hearts in Haiti

By Larry Dodd

Early in 2015, Salem First Baptist Church sent a nine member work team to Cap Haitian, Haiti. Our Illinois church supports the ministry of OMS through the Haiti field director, Brett Bundy, who grew up in Salem First Baptist. Brett directs the various OMS ministries in Haiti. Angie, his wife, is principal and superintendent of Cowman School, which delivers an American style school education.

Work team (Brett Bundy kneeling) installing electrical equipment.

Work team (Brett Bundy kneeling) installing electrical equipment.

The purpose of the mission was to assist in refurbishing the electrical distribution network on the main compound campus for OMS. A new generator house has been built for new efficient generators, and the energy will all be distributed by underground wires versus overhead, thus eliminating many problems.

The men installed and connected pedestal junction boxes. The same type of boxes are used in our local communities for underground wiring in subdivisions to eliminate the need for overhead wires. The power line was previously laid and buried in trenches by other MFM teams. We connected the wiring to building breaker boxes and a meter. We sensed the Lord's enabling, making our time productive and safe.

The ladies assisted Angie at the Cowman School with teaching and various support tasks. A bulletin board was created, material organized, library information computerized, and brainstorming ideas to promote filling needed teaching positions at the growing school.

"Visiting and working with missionary families allowed us to observe first hand their servant hearts, faith, and daily dependence upon God." Larry Dodd

Brett has a huge responsibility as field director, and the Lord has blessed him with many skills. We witnessed him repairing generators, alternators, electrical lines, vehicles, and building wood projects. Tools and parts are not always readily available, but he and God seem to make it work.

As superintendent of the growing English speaking school, Angie is planning to add another teacher at each grade level and start a high school this fall for which she is going to need a building. She is also in need of an assistant administrator and librarian. She is busy with youth activities, hosting teams such as ours, while being mother to her own four children.

Larry Dodd's work team in Haiti.

Larry Dodd's work team in Haiti.

Missionaries, sacrificing themselves to minister to the Haitians in the Lord's name, need our love, support, and encouragement. What does that look like? By observing them first hand in their homes, we see they need simple things that we take for granted –– sheet sets, towels, bed spreads, hot pads, dish towels, dish clothes, rugs, boxed cakes, brownie mixes, icing, etc. These items would make it much easier to prepare for youth meetings after a long day at school. For ministry to those who frequently come to the door, even simple items such as peanut butter and jelly help to take the edge off of individual intense hunger.

As we help by supplying these things, they are freed up to do more of what they have been called to do –– minister to the people of Haiti.

We were also blessed as we witnessed the dedication of the two new Radio 4VEH towers. Evangelizing is a part of each trip. We visited Phaeton, an out of the way village in northeast Haiti, and met with the pastor and local church members preparing to present the Gospel in the community. As we participated, twenty-five souls entered the Kingdom, and we distributed radios fixed tuned to Radio 4VEH. The solar powered radios also are equipped with the New Testament. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!

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