Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

What is Sacrifice?

By Rich Yoder Caribbean Field Leader



The MFM Prayer team to Cuba had the privilege of visiting a number of ministry locations to see and hear their vision, see the work, pray with the local leaders, and to prayer walk communities with local believers.

But first, we met with the two denominational leadership teams to hear and understand the vision of the national churches and how we can support their initiatives. When we make their agenda our agenda, we greatly empower and respect the national churches.

While we listened to them, our team noticed that within each of the two national teams there was much respect shown each other. One of the team members commented, “If introductions hadn’t been made, I wouldn’t have known who the president was. Each person felt empowered to talk about their area of ministry.”

As we met with the local church leaders, we heard the same vision and saw the same empowering leadership.

Praying for church leaders.

Praying for church leaders.

Prayer walking is part of what is done ahead of all other ministry activities. Prayer walkers would also look for opportunities to bless those they meet on the street and pray against spiritual strongholds. Prayer walking would reveal ministry opportunities as well. Through the ministry of prayer, the Lord has done many great things such as heal people of illnesses and addictions as well as other things that draw people to Himself.

As we met with local church lay leaders, we heard of many experiences where personal ministries grew so much that they quit their jobs to focus on full-time ministry.

In one location we met with a group of 26 local lay leaders and 23 had quit their jobs to work full-time for the Lord. When asked how they received income, some had spouses that continued to work and provide some support, but all needed to trust the Lord to provide. And the Lord is providing.

Since this was the last group we were to meet with, an MFM team member asked the group of lay leaders why they choose to live so sacrificially? The response came quickly from one leader as he jumped to his feet and explained passionately, “When I consider what Jesus Christ has done for me, I don’t consider anything I do as a sacrifice.”

Encouraging leaders.

Encouraging leaders.

In this same group of 26 who came to know the Lord and began working in just the past three years, we met five generations of leaders. This is a leader training a leader and the new leader training a newer leader! With this model, over 40,000 new house groups have been started in one denomination in just three years.

We came to support and encourage. The MFM team received encouragement in return and a challenge to our faith to live completely for the Lord our provider and Savior.

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