Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

Growth vs. Fear in Haiti

By Darlene Bowen for Karen Klarholm and Lidia Bowen, Macoun Evangelical Missionary Church, Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian team helping with VBS program.

Canadian team helping with VBS program.

Our church's heart for missions lies in the rural part of Haiti. We often send work teams to help finish the rural churches in the Central Plateau. This year when the men went to put a roof on a church, three of us ladies had the pleasure of staying in Cap- Haitien at the OMS campus. There were good facilities, good food, great people, and lots of opportunities to serve. We tried to jump in wherever they asked. What we weren't prepared for was radios and evangelism! The most stretching part of the trip.

After a fairly difficult truck ride up steep terrain, we arrived at the village where the radio distribution was to happen. I don’t think listened well enough to the instructions because when we arrived at the first house the three of us were in panic mode.

We were in the home of a wheelchair-bound woman who did not know Jesus, and our translator told us to “convince” her. That would never happen in Canada. We had not built a relationship with her, and who were we to push our beliefs onto her? Seemed rather rude; not Canadian at all!

Children in church.

Children in church.

After the panic gave way to reality, we stepped up to the plate. All three of us realized that God wouldn't put us there if He didn't actually expect us to "try to convince her." Not culturally acceptable in Canada, but we weren't in Canada. So, rather poorly, I might add, we started to tell her why she needed Jesus, all the time asking the Holy Spirit to guide our lips. Then we gave her a gift of a radio.

In all, we visited 10 different people. Some accepted Jesus, some were already Christians and needed encouragement, and two declined Jesus. Hopefully, all these people listened to the Gospel presented on their new radios and realized what we were trying to say.

One of the OMS missionaries, Colleen Taylor, was such a godsend for us. She has a gentle spirit that oozes out of her. Watching her with the children of her church and her example makes it easy to see where they get their gentle spirits.

Canadians with new Haitian friend.

Canadians with new Haitian friend.

Two afternoons were spent doing a VBS with a group from Colleen’s church in Oregon. God knows how to work out things. They had stories, games, and crafts; we came with music. Neither of us knew what the other could do, but God did.

It seems like when we live a rather comfortable life, there sometimes isn’t room for God to do things in our lives that He wants to do. Sometimes we need to be where nothing is how we know it. It's like that for me in Haiti. I'm challenged to depend on Him more. I'm challenged to be a servant.

If God puts an opportunity in front of you that is a little scary, you might want to take it. The rewards far outweigh any fears that arise. I know it is a bit of a leap of faith but don't turn down the challenge.

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