Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

Ask Me About My Journey - Daniel Treharne

By Daniel Treharne

Daniel Treharne

Daniel Treharne

I am a pastor’s son from North Wales, and became a Christian as a teenager.

At the university in Bath, England, I received a masters in civil structural design engineering and felt God told me to do something for Him. He had given me everything – a good upbringing, good family, salvation, good education, and a skill. "What could I do for Him?”

Hywel Slaymaker had built houses in Haiti for OMS. I discussed with Robin Sloss different opportunities and decided to go to Haiti, January-April 2015. But before leaving I proposed to my girlfriend.

I worked with several U.S. teams and a Canadian team building Haitian homes. Their testimonies and daily devotions challenged and impacted my spiritual life. The Haitians with so little have joy knowing Jesus as their friend and Savior.

Since returning from Haiti, I've married Sharon who has a heart for missions. I'm working in construction gaining skills to be an effective tool to further God's Kingdom in a mission field.

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