Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

Bibles NOW for Cuba

By Warren Hardig MFM International Executive Director

Santa Biblia

God created man in His own image, and He has always wanted fellowship with him. As centuries have rolled by and man has continued to rebel, God has remained faithful and a loving Heavenly Father, not wanting any to perish.

OMS President Bob Fetherlin ‘planting the seed’ in Cuba.

OMS President Bob Fetherlin ‘planting the seed’ in Cuba.

Even when countries and societies have walked away from Jesus, His Holy Spirit still convicts them of sin and righteousness. How He does it is thrilling and makes great stories. Sometimes we must choose between ministry and stories. We will never comprehend all that He is doing in the nations of the world. Cuba is one of those countries God is showing His loving kindness and faithfulness.

MFM International Executive Director Warren Hardig ‘planting the seed’ in Cuba.

MFM International Executive Director Warren Hardig ‘planting the seed’ in Cuba.

Cuba gained independence from Spain in 1902, and had significant economic development in the following years. Cuba is a rich multi-ethnic mix of people ranging from Spanish descent to traces of ancestry from United States Native Americans. Regardless where they are from, Cuban culture has produced a beautiful, industrious people. I see several wonderful character traits in my Cuban friends.

Cuban Culture

They are resilient, kind, loving, charitable, and a people steadfast in prayer. Their greatest needs are prayer for physical, spiritual, and emotional strength and the Word of God. Thousands of homes are without one Bible. Pray for those who are leading house churches and denominations to be pure and have a close walk with God.

Bible Received

What if you went to church and the pastor only had a portion of the Bible, and you the congregation, did not have any of the Bible? With the pressures of life, how can you expect to live a victorious Christian life without the Word of God? The greatest need for any person who has repented of their sins is to have God’s Word. I do not believe there is any better investment than buying Bibles for the generous people of Cuba. We must do our part by sending funds to enable the printing of Bibles.

Cuban Culture

House churches are multiplying at an incredible rate as new believers share with their friends and family what it means to have their sins forgiven and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that every gift to this project will be rewarded in Heaven.

Cuban Culture

There is an event that clearly shows the desperate need for Bibles: the owner of a dump truck was hired to transport a number of people to a Christian training event. These events were held on five consecutive Saturdays enabling trainees to attend without missing work. The first half day the training focused on how to share your faith in Christ and how to lead others to a personal relationship with Jesus. At coffee break the dump truck owner witnessed the fun everyone was having and how they enjoyed each other. He asked, “Could I do that? Could I know Jesus?” There was joy as the man in charge of transportation repented of his sins and invited Christ into his Life. The second half of the day focused on how to use your home as a ministry center or house church. At 5:00 p.m. everyone jumped into the back of the dump truck to return to their homes.


The next Saturday they met the dump truck for the return journey to the training center for week two. However, they were joined by eight people who the dump truck owner had led to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and started his own house church. That is why we are passionate about sponsoring Bibles in Cuba.

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