Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

Sharing the Gospel in the Streets of Medellin

By Larry Seawell

Larry Seawell with translator in Medellin.

Larry Seawell with translator in Medellin.

My beautiful one-year-old granddaughter just learned her first word. Not momma, but meow. As in, “What does the cat say?” Pretty exciting stuff. Soon she will start building a vocabulary. Her parents are waiting for the day that they can tell her about Jesus and His love. I wish I could tell her so much right now. If only there was a way to get my English words into baby-speak!

I thought of this little girl often as I showed off pictures a few weeks ago to many gracious people in Colombia, South America. I thought about how much I wanted to say to people all around me, but I don’t know Spanish. Fortunately, God graced our short-term evangelism team with wonderful translators who enabled us to speak with these beautiful people.

Larry Seawell sharing the Gospel in Colombia.

Larry Seawell sharing the Gospel in Colombia.

God calls all of us to speak truth into a lost world, a world He loves beyond measure. The translators enabled us to do something we simply could not do ourselves. We were able to speak the Gospel and train local believers in evangelism through them. We were coevangelists spreading the light of God. Without translators, our voices would have been silent in Colombia. God is blessing Colombia through translators who facilitate the Good News by enabling us to help!

Satura Colombia goes before short-term teams to prepare the churches to host and to train local believers for neighborhood evangelism. OMS missionaries Doug and Cindy Tankersley maintain an extensively trained group of Gospel Centric Translators and expertly manage all the logistics. People everywhere petitioned God to move in the hearts of the people. A group of nine heard the call in the USA to go and help our Colombian brothers and sisters in Medellin.

Each team member traveled door-to-door each day with a translator and a believer from the local church. After introductions, I would share my story followed by a Gospel presentation. I spoke many scripture verses as I shared the Gospel with the help of the EvangeCube to make it visual. The local Colombian believer would take over the Gospel presentation during the afternoons. God had prepared hearts to receive the Gospel. We were witnesses to the Spirit of God changing hearts as so many responded to the Good News. It will be hard to forget the faces of those who showed the effect of the Gospel changing them as they prayed to confess their sins and turn to God.

Larry Seawell presenting EvangeCubes to the church.

Larry Seawell presenting EvangeCubes to the church.

People heard and responded in doorways, in living rooms, in stores, on the street, and in school classrooms. Our team saw hundreds embrace the Gospel during this short week. God is gracious to call us his partners in the Gospel. We saw answers to our specific prayers during a remarkable week. We are thankful for our translators that made this possible.

We are back home now, but the local churches are equipped to carry on the good work. And now the translators are preparing to provide voice to the Gospel in the streets of Colombia as the next team arrives.

Gracias a Dios!

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