Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

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As I experienced Haiti I was struck by the incredible brokenness of a people and a country. We went to provide a family with a home, but it seemed impossible to make any kind of difference in the face of such incredible need.

As we were there longer and engaged with the local people the despair began to fade. God started opening my eyes a bit wider to see a little more clearly who He is. We are a broken people with a gracious, loving and faithful God.

We seek to give hope; He is Hope. We seek to love like Him; He is Love. We seek to relieve suffering; He will eliminate suffering.

As we sought to be the hands and feet of Christ my prayer was and is that people were pointed to Christ, the One who will one day wipe away every tear and restore creation.

Erin B.
AB - Canada

This was our first trip to Haiti. We tried to go before but circumstances always held us back - until now. I had tried to prepare for the trip. I had seen photos... however the extent of the poverty and devastation was beyond my comprehension. Can we really make a difference with so much sorrow and need?

Then we saw a house in the process of being built, started the one that we came to build and watched the foundation going in for the next house. We saw the faces of children, first looking so serious and shy, slowly daring to come, play, sing, talk. Next the women, mothers proud to give us their beautiful little children to hold, trying to converse with us with their Creole, a little English and our broken French dredged up from the recesses of our brain - but we did connect! The Haitian men - working so hard - digging foundations with shovels and pick axes, all the cement, gravel, water being carried up the hill - cement mixed in a cement mixer run by a generator and a bucket brigade to pour the foundations.

Then we figured out who would be living in the houses - their grateful smiles made the whole trip worthwhile.

I realized that this trip signified for me just how the Lord works - we look at all the sin and darkness in the world and think it is overwhelming. But the Lord looks at the people - working through families and making a difference in the individual lives of each person.

So were we able to make a difference to everyone in Port-au-Prince? No. But we did make a difference to the village of Gressier, and especially to the family of nine who will be living in a new home.

Do I think it was worthwhile to go? Absolutely! I thank God for allowing us to be a part of a miracle for this family. I want to go back!

Margaret V.
AB - Canada

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