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Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
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Update from Bill Evans
Greenwood, IN,
United States
Bill & Jackie - Hope your Mother's Day weekend was good! While I wasn't able to be with my mother, I was with our children, their families, and my wife for a few days away in Tennessee. We had a fabulous time enjoying God's fabulous creation.

I have a few prayer requests today, if you will join me in prayer:
- My coworker, Valeene, needs our prayers for her health. She has been struggling with finding good health recently. Please lift her to the King.
- Jackie is really struggling with tendinitis in her elbows (left mostly). Would you pray for her to get better... maybe through a cortisone shot?
- I depart tomorrow for 5 days in Haiti. Please pray for me, Jon and Neal as we work on installing the sound system at the Bon Repos church.

This week we have a medical team in Haiti and a medical team in Ecuador, both from the University of Indianapolis nursing school. We have a team going to Haiti tomorrow for two weeks to serve with our missionaries there. We have two college aged gals going to Colombia to serve with our missionary in Sports Ministry. Next Saturday we have another evangelism team going to Colombia.

God continues to move in our midst in many ways. It is a great joy to serve together with you to reach the nations for Christ. Thank you for your role in all of this and for your continual love, encouragement and support.

All for His glory!
Bill and Jackie

Bill Evans, Ministry Team Director
Men for Missions United States
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