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Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

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Update from Warren
Greenwood, IN,
United States
Warren - "Let not the foot of pride come upon me, and let not the hand of the wicked drive me away." (Psalm 36:11) This is the verse of Scripture I claimed the morning I was appointed National Director of MFM in the U.S. On that same day, the U.S. MFM Cabinet nominated me to be the International Executive Director the next year.

I had adopted the practice of reading a chapter of Proverbs and five chapters of Psalms each morning. In 1976, I was privileged to meet Dr. Billy Graham at a press conference where he was asked about his devotional life. His response was, “I read a chapter of Proverbs and five chapters of Psalms in the morning, then I study in the afternoon for my preaching.”

I thought that if it was good enough for Billy Graham, it was good enough for me. These Scriptures along with others have guided my life with freshness, given direction, encouragement, strength, and hope.

As I reflect on Dr. Graham’s comments, and my opportunity to meet him, I remember that somewhere in my possession is a picture of Dr. Dwight Ferguson (founder of MFM) and him in their robes after receiving honorary doctorates. It is interesting to know of the challenge and ministry Dwight had to Dr. Graham and the influence both of these men have had on me - "Iron Sharpens Iron so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Psalm 36:11 remains my prayer as we face a world with such complex challenges. The need for men to stand up for God is greater than ever before, to lead their families, and to be a guiding force in the business and political world. We need to:

  Do Whatever God asks us to do.
  Go Wherever God asks us to go.
  Give Whatever God asks us to give.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We stand and serve by the grace of God and in the strength of your prayers.

A prisoner of Hope,

Warren Hardig, Executive Director
Men for Missions International

Still Sharpening : a book by Warren Hardig
Inspired by the courage and commitment of ordinary men answering God’s call to obedience, has compiled 10 of their stories in Still Sharpening, his second book of personal narratives.
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