Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

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Ethemba Village Ride - attitude adjusting
South Africa
Wendell - "Please Lord help me in this situation..." and nothing happens... Have you faced this or experienced these thoughts? God can do anything! Lets get this out the way. NOTHING is too big for our GOD. He is the great I.AM.

He made the world and everything in it. So don't for a second doubt what He can do. He delivered me from a long curse... that's a fact! but...

Just some times when we need Him doing what we want Him to do, there seems to be "No one home." Have you felt like that... EVER? Well yesterday was a hard day from the outset. Once again we were challenged with Woody. She refused to start. Over and over I tried, over and over I tried. "Lord why don't you make it start?" I asked.

If I had just sat there I am sure nothing would have happened but then I thought I need to find someone from the establishment. I did and within minutes we had Woody started and we were on our way. The wind just seemed to have gotten worse. Downhill I peddled and seemed to be going backwards. No doubt my strength was being drained, the sun was at full power and yet the wind made it cool. The hills had become steeper and had multiplied by plenty... on and on... up... down... up... down... and so it went the whole day.

I had plenty time to think and pray and I came to the conclusion that GOD gives us choices and that is why we are made in HIS image. He makes choices all the time and some that HE makes cannot be easy but we have the privilege to choose... again I think of the words of my friend Vic Vermeulen: "I can choose to be happy or to be sad, so I choose to be happy. I choose life!!!! And Vic is paralized from the neck down.

Yesterday I chose to ride and ride like never before. Just thinking of the Orphans that are going to benefit by this ride. I cannot tell you how it felt when I made that choice. Such relief... attitude is what I was adjusting.

This was the change in my day. My dream of the end is clear... a house full of Orphans who now have a chance in life.

What is your choice today? Choose life... choose Jesus... be mindful to be a blessing today. God bless you.

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