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Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
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Update from Bill & Jackie
Greenwood, IN,
United States
Bill & Jackie - Hope you've had a great week! We've had a fairly slow week at home...hallelujah! Jackie and I got to spend the last two nights at home without anything demanding our time.

At work we've had a good bit going on. With staff travel, teams coming and going, and the work of keeping things moving forward, it's been an eventful week in ministry. Yesterday at OMS we had our monthly half day of prayer (Prayer Rally). Part of the morning was spent dividing into small teams and visiting various Greenwood locations to pray for the work those people have. We went to fire stations, the police department, the mayor's office, visited hospitals and other things. It was a great time to pray for our public servants.

A while back I told you about Kyle's diagnosis of Akylosing Spondylitis. He has been receiving treatment for that and it seems to be helping him. He and Kari are getting ready to party-hearty for little Elijah's ONE YEAR birthday on August 15. What a rich blessing that young man is to our lives.

Matt and Marquita seem to be doing well, as does lovely little London Marie. She will be 6 months old this Saturday.

Nick is racing toward finishing up his summer with us. He heads back to Huntington for his senior year on August 25. We've had a lot of fun with him around the house.

Jackie and I will celebrate our 33rd anniversary this Friday. I'm not sure how I've put up with her for so long (HA!!!). This woman is amazing and loves me at a far greater level than I deserve, often times.

Lastly, I depart August 12 for Monteria, Colombia. I will be with a team of 7 others as we serve the Lord sharing the Gospel throughout the community. Please be in prayer for this team and those we will serve with.

Have a super week with Jesus!
Bill and Jackie

Bill Evans, National Director
Men for Missions United States
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