Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey
Men for Missions - Your Life Changing Journey

ACTION Magazine

Men for Missions' Triannual Publication

ACTION Magazine is published three times annually by Men for Missions, an affiliate of One Mission Society. ACTION Magazine includes updates from One Mission Society fields, mission trip reports, and general news.

Current Issue: Jan-Apr 2018

Action Magazine: Current Issue

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Sep-Dec 2014
  • MFM 60th Anniversary Celebration - Ordinary Men on Extraordinary Journeys
  • Haiti: Radio 4VEH, Resounding Hope Team, Homes For Haiti, Steve Bertolet Testimony
  • Colombia: Witness Teams, Sports Ministry
May-Aug 2014
  • 4VEH Towers - Then and Now, Bon Repos Project
  • Colombia Evangelism Team
  • The Korean Connection
  • Israel Prayer Team
  • Testimonies - Brad Boozer, Archie Porter, Vladimir Kobelev
Jan-Apr 2014
  • Haiti - Work Teams, 4VEH update, H4H Bon Repos project
  • Colombia - Evangelism Teams
  • Costa Rica - Pan American Highway adventure trip
  • MFM 60th Anniversary / OMS International Conference
Sep-Dec 2013
  • Testimonies - Bill Heubner, Stanley Tam, Bill Anderson, Vladimir Kobelev
  • Venezuela - OMS Partner Theological School
  • Trinidad - Field Hockey Team
  • Colombia - Evangelism Teams
  • Haiti - Resounding Hope Teams
  • Mexico - Construction Team
May-Aug 2013
  • The Inertia of Evil
  • Haiti: Radio 4VEH Update, Resounding Hope Team, Homes For Haiti, Construction, Evangelism, Medical Teams
  • Kenya: Prayer Safari
  • Russia: Moscow Seminary
Jan-Apr 2013
  • What Does it Take to Be A Real Man? The test is found in his integrity and character
  • Prayer Teams: Caribbean, Kenya
  • Caribbean Saturation: Sponsor a Pan American Highway driver
  • Where is God's Mission Field? Do you um... think that God put us together at this time, for this?"
  • Haiti: 4VEH Resounding Hope Solar Radios, Medical Team, Homes For Haiti Teams
  • Tribute: Chuck Merrill
Sep-Dec 2012
  • Prayer Teams: Israel, Japan
  • Caribbean Saturation and Invitation to Drive the Pan American Highway
  • Ecuador: Perryton VBS Team, Medical Missions - Then and Now
  • Haiti: 4VEH Resounding Hope Solar Radios, Homes For Haiti
  • Ukraine English Camp
  • Tributes: Harry Burr, J. Eldon Turnidge, Bill Malcom, John Schultz
May-Aug 2012
  • Testimonies - Brad Boozer, Anton Glass
  • Work Teams - Colombia, Haiti
  • Gibson City Bible Church - Konstruction Kids
  • The Jesus Film in the African Bush
Jan-Apr 2012
  • Testimony - Maury Graham
  • Work Teams - Haiti, Ecuador, Japan
  • Evangelism & Prayer Teams - Colombia, Ecuador
  • Resounding Hope - 4VEH
Sep-Dec 2011
  • MFM Prayer Initiatives - Ireland & Israel
  • Knee family in Haiti - Nathan's journal
  • Breakthrough in Hokota - rebuilding and healing in Japan
  • Introducing Robin Sloss - new MFM-UK National Director
May-Aug 2011
  • Kindness in Action - "The virtue that makes a man attractive is God's loving kindness shining through his choices and actions..."
  • Teams in Medellin, Colombia - construction projects, computer upgrades, prison visits, worship services
  • Testimonies of new MFM staffers - Steve Rehner, Doug Tankersley, Brent Morrell
Jan-Apr 2011
  • Medical Mission to Ecuador - "... you can expect things like this to happen anytime you go forward to share the Good News of Christ to people in need."
  • The next time someone dumps on you, just remember
    "The Law of the Garbage Truck."
  • Haiti - Homes for Haiti provides new homes
    - Resounding Hope provides new solar radios
Sep-Dec 2010
  • A Bridge to Literacy - Training pastors in Burundi to teach reading, writing and math to parents and teens that have no chance of attending school.
  • From KGB Agent to God's Ambassador - Testimony of Sasha Tsutserov
  • The Great Physician in Haiti - The last words you want to hear ... there's been an accident.
Summer 2010
  • A group of Purdue Christian Campus House affiliated students, employees and a New Nurse ventured out to Haiti.
  • Haiti Recreated - The recovery efforts are underway in Haiti. Yet, efforts to fix Haiti are impeded by not only the magnitude of the quakes but also the magnitude of the pre-existing problems.
  • Why I went to Haiti - Kevin Verett joyfully talks about how the Lord has transformed him and his experiences as to why he went to Haiti.
Spring 2010
  • Impact of the Men for Missions Prayer Initiative in Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mozambique, Russia, Spain, and Uruguay
  • The earthquake in Haiti has helped bring many Haitians to Christ
  • Gary Dinas is remembered by the Japanese for his many deeds of kindness on his short-term trips to Japan
Fall 2009
  • Mozambique - The Windows of Opportunity
  • Ecuador - How a university medical team saw 30 people come to Christ in ten days
  • Ireland - Men for Mission prayer team
  • Haiti - Why a ministry team left a piece of their hearts in Haiti
Summer 2009
  • A Mountain View in Mexico
  • Into the Heart of Colombia
  • Reflections of Pure Joy in Haiti
  • How God Led Me to Haiti
Spring 2009
  • Miracles in Ecuador
  • Why an Action Group member went to Japan on a short-term trip
  • Teen View of Haiti
Fall 2008
  • The Road Ahead in Mozambique
  • Tears on the Ground
  • Ireland - God Will Make a Way
  • Haiti Eye Opener
  • Ecuador - "You want to take who where?"
  • Ukraine - What I learned at English Camp
Spring 2008
  • Men for Mission Medical Team in Haiti
  • Four Grandfathers and Two Blondes in Haiti
  • Africa - New US-Men for Mission Project
  • Colombia - Lifetime Memories
  • Brazil - Project"Sunset"
Winter 2007
  • Mozambique - Where He leads, I will follow
  • South Asia - He Holds The Key
  • Brazil - Bringing Missions
  • Russia - "Rainbow of Hope"

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