Dr. Dwight Ferguson

Founder of Men For Missions

Dr. Dwight Ferguson

To capture the personality of Dwight H. Ferguson in one word is difficult, if not impossible. Bold, brilliant, hard-working, perceptive, a gifted speaker, good judge of character, tenacious, crusty and yes, controversial. Dwight possessed energy and a power from within to keep going, in spite of devastating circumstances.

After his baptism by fire into missions, his convictions were too strong for him to ever be dissuaded. Never again would his world view be limited to the United States. He was passionate that people Mound the globe come to know Christ as Savior. His consistent question, "Are you a believer?" led to firsthand proof that the power of a man's witness has no racial, cultural or social barriers.

Dwight would confront the very gates of hell and he held that same expectation for every member of Men For Missions. There were no boundaries from where the attack would be launched. His persistent challenge: "You make the commitment to Do, Go, and Give as God asks and we will join you." Consequently the men who formed Men For Missions saw themselves as common, ordinary men but with a great God. And they surrendered to Him in total abandonment to self-will and personal interests.

With an amazingly extensive vocabulary, Dwight's ability to communicate related to all levels of society. He loved relating accounts of lay men from every walk of life — "out of the cow barn, the office, or the garage," — who returned from overseas experiences with entirely new depths of obedience and involvement.

One of his greatest joys was to find the toughest Christian men, take them to a mission field, have them give a witness for Christ, and watch the Holy Spirit reduce them to tears of compassion. Or, as Dwight would say, "Take Mr. Meek and Mousy, stand him on a corner in South America and let the power of God flow through him in a way that new strength and boldness transformed his life." Dwight believed in cross-pollination. Like very few individuals, he preached it until an army of men rose up to promulgate the Lord ship of Jesus Christ at home and around the world.

Since 1954, Men for Missions has grown to well over 20,000 people going on short-term mission trips with many more men and women deeply involved at home.

"Take Mr. Meek and Mousy, stand him on a corner in South America and let the power of God flow through him in a way that new strength and boldness transformed his life." Dr. Dwight Ferguson

If you are a first-time reader of "Motivated Men," ask yourself, "Do I want a deeper love for Christ, a much greater appreciation for my country and home? Am I open to loving people I never heard of be fore? Ready for a range of compassion you never dreamed possible?"

With that depth of resolve, like the laymen included here, you'll discover a whole new set of friends to whom you can give hope where there is none apart from God. Friends who speak another language, but with whom you relate through the power of the Holy Spirit. Friends you'll pray for in the privacy of your work place and weep because they have so little, yet their faith is rich and strong. You'll even want to make more money to give away. And you'll know the unspeakable joy of helping others find Christ in countries you know little about. Suddenly you'll have homes world wide where you're welcomed with love, encouragement, purpose, and fellowship — no strings attached. You may even want to quit your secular job more than you want to keep it.

The spirit of Dwight H. Ferguson and the men he writes about is still alive both here on earth and in heaven. "Motivated Men" is well worth your reading, but expect to hear God calling you to Do, Go, and Give — whatever He asks.

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