A Word of Hope

God Still Writes Miracles

By Kent Eller MFM Executive Director

Kent with EvangeCube
Kent Eller shares the gospel using the EvangeCube.
The four Gospels are filled with reports of Jesus’ miracles, and I am thankful for a God who is still writing miracles every day. The question is whether we are too busy to see them.

When I was in Colombia on an evangelism team, we were getting ready to go out with the church that we were partnering with to do outreach into their community. Each day before we go, we pray with members of the local church, translators, and MFM team members. One of the things we always pray for is open doors and open hearts.

As we knocked on a door that morning, a young man came out the door in a hurry and left the door open. We knocked again, and a woman came down the steps. It was a four-story building. She lived on the fourth floor, so she invited us up. As our friend from the church shared that she had some friends with her from North America and wanted to know if we could share something with her, she said “yes”. I started by saying that I wanted to share a word of hope with her and tell her about my friend, Jesus, and she immediately started weeping. We all sat there for a moment, wondering what she was thinking and if I’d said something that hurt her. When she stopped crying, she shared that she had moved to Medellin from the country to live with her son. She didn’t know anyone, and, in her time there, she had become so lonely. That morning, she had prayed to God and asked, “If you are there, and there is really a God, would you send someone to talk with me because I’m so lonely here by myself.” I told her it wasn’t a coincidence that God sent us 3000 miles from the United States to Colombia and that, on this morning, in a city of 3.7 million people, God had us knock on her door to share with her about Jesus. She told us that because her son had left the door open she had been able to hear us knocking, which she normally would not have heard. That morning, we had the privilege to pray with her to receive Christ as her Savior. We had the privilege of giving her a Bible and connecting her with the local church. They set a time to come back and meet with her to disciple her. They invited her to start coming to their church.

Does God still write miracles? Yes, He does! When He hears the cry of a lonely woman in a city of 3.7 million people and sends a couple of Americans to her home on the morning that she called out to Him, it is not a coincidence; it is a miracle.

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