Avocados, Painting, and a Life Transformed

God Still Writes Miracles

By Steve Rehner Director of Business Development

MFM team at avocado farm
Devra Grubb, Mark Grubb, Pam Rehner, Penney Willms, Kevin Willms, Steve Rehner walk through the avocado trees.
Do you know how avocados grow? Avocado trees generally grow on steep slopes, which make them hard to pick! Prison Fellowship of Colombia received an avocado farm, which they operate to raise money for the ministry. While our MFM team was there, we helped pick the avocados for two days. It was hard work trying not to fall out of the trees while searching for hanging avocados that were just out of reach. Be sure to appreciate your guacamole; those avocados are challenging to harvest!

Steve on break
Steve Rehner takes a well-deserved break after a day of painting.
We also spent two days painting the main office of Prison Fellowship Colombia. We were glad to serve in this way, and the result brightened up the work environment.

Have you ever visited a prison? To enter a prison in Colombia, you have to leave every article behind, be finger¬printed, and be searched. After all of this, you enter into an area that is full of prisoners and no guards. We met in a classroom with the Christian leaders of the prison. We shared brief testimonies and reminded them that the Body of Christ has not forgotten them. We were blessed by hearing them sing praises to the Lord with complete conviction and passion. On the following day, we took the time to paint the classroom and painted new lines on their little concrete area because of their love for playing soccer.

Freshly picked Avocadoes provide support for Prison Fellowship of Colombia.
We spent the weekend four hours outside of Medellin in a little town called Concordia, in the middle of the coffee region. We were encouraging the church planting efforts of Johan and Marcela. A young man, Juan Ca¬milo Martinez, was our chauffeur for the weekend. He drove us up to a cross that overlooks the city and stayed with us while we prayed for the town and the surrounding region. I invited Juan Camilo to join us for the service, and he said he would come. On Sunday, we delivered a message on the “I am” statements that Jesus makes in John 10. No one responded to the Gospel message at the end of the service.

Juan with MFM team
Juan Camillo (2nd from the left), made a faith decision to follow Jesus after serving as the driver for an MFM team to Colombia.
We drove back to Medellin and Juan Camilo took us to the hotel where we were to stay. I felt stirred to ask Juan Camilo where he was in his relationship with God. His response was, “Well, I’m sort of like those lost sheep you guys talked about this morning, a bit lost.” I encouraged him to get that relationship established with God. He agreed and said that he should do that sometime. I gently suggested that putting off the decision could result in no decision at all, and added, “Would you like to trust in Christ now?” He said, “You mean right here, right now?” After my confirmation, he agreed and prayed for salvation.

We never know how the Lord is going to use us. But, we should always be ready to lift His name High, whether on a mission trip or stuck at home due to a worldwide virus.

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