God’s Confirmation

God Still Writes Miracles

By Kevin Howard Colombia

MFM evangelism team
MFM evangelism team members share the excitement as they present a Bible to a new believer.
After being in a fight where I seriously injured another person, I was charged with a felony that could include a prison sentence of up to eight years. It cost a lot of money to hire a lawyer, but that wasn’t a real concern for me considering my lifestyle. I was selling drugs, messing with gang life, and robbing people. I had always believed in God and that He sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins, but I only asked for forgiveness when things were going wrong or I was looking at jail time. As usual, I prayed and asked God to keep me from prison because I had a wife and five kids who needed me. The judge dismissed my case.

While awaiting trial, I started attending church and changing my lifestyle. I often wonder about the dismissal of my case, since everyone I associated with had been to prison. I now know why. God had plans for me. Whenever I was asked to take part in a mission trip to Colombia by MFM Regional Director Carl Poynter, I would simply say I’m not qualified. I finally decided to step out in faith and go if the money to fund the journey could be raised. Well, guess what? The money came in, and it was time for me to go on my first trip out of the country to Armenia, Colombia. I was having thoughts of backing out even on the night I was to go to the airport. However, I prayed and continued with the trip.

We arrived in Armenia, Colombia, and I was nervous since I had never been out of the country. I was still thinking about how unqualified I was, and I felt like I was taking the space of someone who was meant to be there. After about an hour of street ministry on Monday, I got confirmation of my purpose on the trip. I led a gang member carrying a machete to the Lord. I gave him a Bible and told him to use the sword of the Lord instead of the one he was carrying.

Kevin with door
Kevin Howard points at the door where someone had previously carved his name.
Behind the man was a door. After we finished, I noticed something. My name, Kevin, was carved into the door. I asked my interpreter and church members if Kevin was a com¬mon Colombian name. We were all amazed. That door was my CONFIRMATION. From that moment forward, I never looked back and never questioned or thought I wasn’t qualified. I said, “Okay, God, I see you; let’s get to work.”

That week of mission work has changed my whole out¬look on things. That trip made me stronger and ignited a fire in me for the Lord. I honestly didn’t think I was meant to go to Colombia, but I know now I was sent there by God.

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