Opportunities From God

God Still Writes Miracles

By Mike Miner MFM Northwest Regional Director

MFM evangelism team
MFM team and locals praying together, for a fruitful day of evangelism, just before leaving to share.
The bus was unusually silent as we sat in our seats on our way to Northern Bogota for our fourth and final day of evangelism. As we quietly reflected on the past three days of sharing the gospel and how God had blessed these times with many decisions for Him, a thought came to my mind. This is our last day and opportunity to share God’s Love and Salvation plan to anyone who would listen. Just as I began to share this very thought with the team, one member, who was sitting in the front, stood up and shared the exact words I had been thinking. It was in this moment that I knew we were all on the same page. I reflected on what the Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 6:2, Today God is ready to welcome you, today is the day of salvation.

Kathy with students
Team member Kathy Martin sharing the Gospel with students.
Indeed, it was a great day that resulted in a fantastic harvest of souls because of our obedience to His leading. We did not squander one opportunity God put before us, and none of us were ready to leave that local church and neighborhood where we all genuinely felt God’s Spirit moving.

However, this fourth and final day of evangelism was not our only fruitful day. Our second day was just as fruitful and very memorable. We had accepted an invitation to a small private school where two-hundred school kids (grades 5th -11th) had the opportunity to hear about how much God loves them. Ninety percent of those who heard the gospel message made decisions to follow Christ. What a fantastic day of victory for our Lord.

MFM evangelism team
The evangelism team from a church in North Bogota.
Our debrief that evening went a little long as we shared the stories of many who began a new relationship with Jesus that day. Our team of eleven men and women was certainly a diverse group, coming from four different states and ranging in age from 16-71. But we were unified in our goal of reaching the lost for Jesus. For me, to lead a group such as this was nothing short of delightful. God was gracious to us in so many ways, includ¬ing keeping us safe the entire journey and allow¬ing all of us to be healthy with no sicknesses of any kind. God also answered the prayers for open doors and open hearts as over 400 previously lost individuals are now found.

Hallelujah and Amen!!

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