Prisons Being Transformed

God Still Writes Miracles

By Kevin Willms MFM Canada

We often see prisons as places where people deserve to be punished for their crimes and injustices toward society. This is true, but our God is filled with compassion and mercy. He loves each one of us so greatly – and that includes prisoners. Why are we so surprised when we see God’s miraculous work in prisons that result in many coming to know Him?

In February 2020, we spent a lot of time working with Prison Fellowship Colombia and had the privilege of visiting Bellavista Prison in Medellin on three separate days. Time was spent giving testimonies and praying – from both the North American visitors and the Colombian prisoners. It was an extraordinary time to be able to sing together. It was one of those moments where everyone senses the Spirit of God! We painted fresh, new lines for their soccer pitch on the patio. We also repainted the walls in their meeting room. Several of our group members were able to spend time talking to a guard. He was a self-proclaimed atheist, but he was open and willing to listen. Later, our group sent a Bible to him through workers of Prison Fellowship. God at work.

God continues to move in miraculous ways in that prison. Followers of Jesus are not ashamed or afraid to share their faith in Him. Yes, they are ridiculed and persecuted. But they know that Jesus is the ANSWER. They are often sent to other prisons because they have become too vocal about Jesus Christ. How¬ever, this just results in starting new cell groups and churches in the new jail. It sounds like the book of Acts where the early church dispersed and spread the Gospel message throughout the world! God at work.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus, no individuals have been able to go into the prisons. Prison Fellowship wondered how these men would get their spiritual nourishment. But God had a plan. Videos have surfaced showing inmates proclaiming the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to very large groups of inmates, guards, and other prison staff. Lives are being changed. People are finding forgiveness. Many people who have relied upon their own strength for a very long time are turning to God. PRAISE BE TO GOD!! God at work.

Jesus is ALIVE and REAL in Colombian prisons and North America. Let’s allow Him to guide and direct us in every step of our lives. Then, He will be able to work miracles in your life and my life.

Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

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