Raising Cattle

STEER, INC. Supporting Missions

By Jenna Guerrier MFM Director of Ministry Teams

STEER program cow and calf
A cow and calf with the yellow ear tag that indicates they are being raised as part of the STEER program to support mission work around the world.
As a young girl growing up on the family farm, I remember seeing cows with a yellow ear tag and knowing that they had a purpose far above the rest of the herd. No one would know by simply looking at any of them that God was using them to advance His Kingdom all around the globe. There were times when I was out helping work cattle when either a cow or calf would be in the chute with the yellow tag, and I would take a minute to walk up to them and give them an extra rub on the head. I would think of the missionaries who stayed on our family farm and how these cows were literally working for the Lord. As a young girl, this left a significant impression on me, and I was proud to play a small part in caring for them.

My grandparents and parents owned a small cattle operation in North Dakota where they raised beef cattle. In 1979, they took on their first project through STEER, Inc. to be able to support missionaries financially without it being a financial hardship. STEER, Inc. is the ministry whose sole purpose is to fund world missions through a unique agriculture program. For a lot of farmers and ranchers, it is difficult to have cash on hand that would allow them to give to missions. Through STEER, Inc., the farmer’s job is to provide feed for the animal and take care of it. The cost of the animal is covered by STEER through the donation of a donor. There is an insurance fund to cover any unexpected deaths or medical needs of the animal. There is no risk to the farmer. Once the offspring is sold, the profits go to the missionary who the farmer has chosen to support. This ministry has allowed countless farmers and ranchers, including my grandpa, dad, and brother, to give far more to missions than they could have provided on their own.

Fast-forward to today, my parents and brother still own and operate our family farm. It has grown from a small cow-calf operation to a 1,000 head feedlot. If you visited the farm today, you would find 30 heifers in the feedlot and 12 cow-calf pairs they are caring for that are all part of the STEER program. I am no longer the young girl helping on the family farm; instead, I am now the missionary receiving the tremendous blessing of financial sup¬port through the hard work of many farmers and ranchers who I call my family and friends.

One Mission Society has been a member of STEER since 1958. Over the years, many missionaries have been supported through them. If you are a farmer or rancher, I encourage you to consider STEER as a way to multiply your giving to world missions. God is using everyday farmers and ranchers and their crops and livestock to advance His Kingdom around the world.


If you would like to learn more about how you can utilize your ranch or farm to support missions through the STEER program, please contact the STEER office by phone at 701-258-4911, by email at ministry@steerinc.com, or search our website at www.steerinc.com.

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