By Ivan Friesen STEER, Inc.

STEER, Inc. has been in the ministry of impact giving since its founding in 1957. Since its beginning, STEER, Inc. has generated over $30 million for missions. There are currently 84 evangelical member mission organizations supported through the STEER program. STEER has sent over $1 million to missions for the last ten consecutive years.

STEER greatly appreciates its partnership with One Mission Society. OMS was one of the first organizations to join STEER in 1958, and they have received nearly $700,000 through the STEER program. Only the Lord knows the eternal impact these funds have had on people who have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ through OMS mission¬aries.

If you are a rancher/farmer, you know how difficult it is some years to come up with cash to support missions. By using the STEER program, you can support missions not only in the good years but even through the lean years. Over the last 63 years this quote has been timeless: “Glad we can give through STEER. With today’s farm economy, it’s the only way we can give this amount to missions of our choice.”

The STEER program is simple. STEER, Inc. supplies the funds to purchase livestock or to plant a crop. Ranchers donate their time and feed to a livestock project; farmers donate their time, machinery, and use of their land for crop projects. Our insurance and depreciation fund covers all livestock and crop investments. This includes vet fees, death loss, and depreciation losses on the investment in livestock.

When the project is sold, 90% of the gain goes to the mission designation that is chosen by the rancher/farmer. The original investment is always retained to be reinvested in another project. The projects are marketed in the name of STEER. If you are selling some of your livestock or crop at the same time, you can take an overall average. By not involving your personal account, you will not have to declare it as income or pay Social Security Tax on the STEER project.


If you would like to learn more about how you can utilize your ranch or farm to support missions through the STEER program, please contact the STEER office by phone at 701-258-4911, by email at, or search our website at

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