Time to Rally the Army

Kochi, Japan

By Al Gaines MFM Great Plains Regional Director

In II Chronicles 20, King Jehoshaphat found his country under attack by overwhelming odds, and Judah would undoubtedly be overtaken! King Jehoshaphat, with great wisdom and a lot of fear, brought all the people of Judah together to Jerusalem and prayed for God’s guidance and protection. God’s answer to them was loud, clear, and straightforward. This battle is not yours but mine! Rally the army and anyone who can walk, go out and face your enemies, and watch me destroy them! All that you have to do is have faith in Me and go!

Men, God’s message is still the same today. Rally your families, rally your church, rally your friends, and have faith in God. Go out and face the enemy! What God desires is willing hearts that will go into the mission field and face the enemy!

Last March, Paul Williams, Mark Colie, and I were in Kochi, Japan helping a small congregation complete a massive church project. In our second week at the church, we installed a large neon cross on the church’s high peak so that everyone could see it. They couldn’t miss it! As we stood back and looked at the cross, we were overwhelmed at its power.

In Japan, only 0.4 percent of the population are believers in Jesus, and many have never heard of the name of Jesus. Ninety-six percent of the Japanese people have no hope in life. They work and survive. My mind ran wild with all the ways that Jesus is going to use the power of His cross in Japan and start changing lives.

Paul, Mark, and I didn’t have any special talents, nothing but willing hearts to be used by God in Japan. We didn’t know when we left home that we would be mounting a huge neon cross on the church for many thousands of Japanese people to see. We didn’t know that this would start conversations about the cross and result in people getting to know who Jesus is!

Our world has been shaken to the core this year, and, more than ever, people understand that they need a Savior! Let’s start rallying the Army of God and prepare them for going into the mission field in 2021 to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The people of Judah stepped out in great faith to see how God was going to use them because they understood that the battle is not ours, but God’s! This is the kind of faith that God desires of us, also. The timing is perfect for us to make a difference, and we can’t waste this opportunity!

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