The Bon Repos Project

By Bill Evans

How It Began

Bon Repos Project - Proposed Layout.

Shortly after the January 12, 2010 earthquake, OMS asked the affected Haitian church how we could best respond to the devastating effects of the destruction. Their response was, "We need homes."

In early spring of 2010, there was a small group of leaders who met at OMS World Headquarters to discuss the next steps. We selected Homes for Haiti as the project name. Leadership teams were chosen at OMS Headquarters and in Haiti. We had to determine the size and design of the home, calculate the estimated cost, and plan fund raising. All of that in place, the project was rolled out to OMS and our constituency.

Because of a large financial gift from the Korean Evangelical Holiness Church of South Korea, we immediately started without raising funds. We began looking for people to join teams to work with Haitian teams to build 20' x 20' cement block homes for men and women in the OMS churches. The Haitians needed to prove they owned land to build on.

Bon Repos Project - Home build.
MFM work team building a home in Bon Repos.

In early January 2014, and before this "first phase" of the H4H project was put "on hold", we had completed 54 homes for the people and sent more than 710 people to help build them.

In the spring of 2013, our Haitian leader, Pastor Vengione Vital, felt led to consider a "second phase" of H4H. This was to help the poorest of the poor Haitians in the OMS-related churches who didn't have and could never afford property His vision was to purchase a plot of ground and build homes to help these church members have dignity and hope.

Bon Repos Project - Haiti Team at Bon Repos.
Homes for Haiti Team at Bon Repos, from left: Bill Evans, USA Director; Tulet Ogeris, Treasurer; Gabriel Principal, Construction Supervisor; Vengione Vital, Haiti Director.

The OMS Headquarters team agreed that this vision was something we wanted to pursue. After considering various options for buying a property, we chose a plot of land north of Port-au-Prince, in the Bon Repos area (meaning Good Rest). With the gracious gift of an OMS donor, we purchased a three acre plot of land. The plan was to build 35 homes with adequate toilet facilities, clean water wells, and a church/school for the greater Bon Repos community. So…

Where We Are Now

Bon Repos Project - New water well and pump at Bon Repos.
New water well and pump at Bon Repos.

In January 2014, we started the first home in the second phase of the H4H project. At the time of this writing, we have completed 14 homes, three of the five toilet structures, and one clean water well. Additionally, we have moved 11 families into the property and have given them dignity and hope in their new home and community. So…

Where We Are Going

Bon Repos Project - Model of proposed church/school at Bon Repos.
Model of proposed church/school at Bon Repos.

We hope to complete the remainder of the homes, the final two toilet structures, the other two clean water wells, and the church/school by the estimated completion date of September 1, 2016.

So, how can we together help our Haitian brothers and sisters?

  1. We still need teams to help the Haitian co-workers build more homes.
  2. We still need funding for the homes, the infrastructure, and the church/school.
  3. Pray for us to have the Lord's wisdom and direction for the project.

While this project has always had a "spiritual" aspect to it, the physical side and the actual construction has been the predominant portion of it. But, on Sunday, September 22, 2014, that all changed for me. On that day we had a huge celebration service at Bon Repos to officially move the first ten residents into the community. Part of the service included how God has protected them, brought them safely to this point, and given them new homes. I was deeply touched by what God had orchestrated to bring us to this particular day.

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