Towers and Tools Help in the Harvest

By Kate Michel Marketing & Communications Director, Radio 4VEH/Resounding Hope

New Towers Up

Towers and Tools Help in the Harvest - Two towers built.
Experienced AM radio and tower specialists from Kintronic Labs and Towers for Jesus worked tirelessly with local workers to take down old towers and erect two new towers to broadcast the Gospel across Haiti.

On October 8, 2014, Storly Michel, Radio 4VEH station director, led a commissioning service for the restored 840 AM station. We thank the Lord and all those who have prayed, given, and gone to Haiti to help. With the press of a button, the far-reaching AM station came back to life, broadcasting the hope of Jesus to an area where more than four million people live.

The Petite Anse/Restore of the AM Signal project has only been possible thanks to the prayers and generous donations of friends like you. Of course, this is combined with the skills and hard work of experienced AM radio and tower specialists from Kintronic Labs and Towers for Jesus, short-term mission teams, and local laborers working to rebuild the perimeter wall.

The perimeter wall has been rebuilt. Two old, crumbling radio towers have been replaced with new towers, and a state-of-the-art tuning system installed for the best signal possible. All of this is for the purpose of reaching people with the Gospel, building up the church through daily discipleship, and serving the people of Haiti in Jesus' name. Please pray with us for the long-lasting impact of the radio programs in the lives of those who listen.

Help Get Much-Needed Radios to Haiti

Towers and Tools Help in the Harvest - Young mom hears life-saving information from Sounding Hope Radio Towers.
This young mom, a new believer, will hear teaching, encouragement, and life-saving information as she listens to her Resounding Hope solar radio (tuned to Radio 4VEH, and pre-loaded with the audio New Testament in Haitian Creole).

We need your help to get more solar radios or 'little missionaries' into the hands of Haitian families. Is God calling you to help raise funds for Resounding Hope solar radios? Is He calling you to be part of a team going to Haiti to work alongside Radio 4VEH and local churches to share the Gospel and give out solar radios?

To find out more, please visit:

Your Donations Make a Difference

A gift of $50 (US/Canada/Australia; £30 in the UK) will fund a onehour radio program. To donate to Radio 4VEH broadcasting, please mark your gift "4VEH Broadcasting #469960-14G915"

A gift of $60 (US/Canada/Australia; £40 in the UK) will sponsor a Resounding Hope solar radio for a Haitian family. To donate to Resounding Hope Solar Radios, please mark your gift "Resounding Hope #407870-14G916"

Please make your donation payable to OMS and mail to the office in your country. Thank you!

Please contact Kate Michel at for complete information.

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