The Caribbean Saturation Project

By Greg Carlson

Project Summary

Caribbean Saturation is an OMS strategy involving Every Community for Christ (ECC) and MFM to train national believers to start house churches in their various regions. An average house church consists of 15-25 people. OMS is also partnering with national churches to establish nearly 140 training centers, train 18,000 leaders, and plant 94,000 house churches. The goal is to give people an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel through the witness of a local church. A training center gives each student about 160 hours of basic training in doctrine and evangelism. Those trained will then establish a house church and periodically return to the center for further training. To support Caribbean Saturation please designate donations to project #407949, or contact OMS to support missionaries serving in this ministry.

Brief History

The Caribbean Saturation Project - MFM prayer team meeting in a closed Caribbean country.
MFM prayer team meeting in a 'closed' Caribbean country.

It has been almost three years since we started a new joint venture using the Church Multiplication strategy of evangelism, church planting, and using training centers to train and equip church planters to raise up churches that multiply themselves with our two partners, New Pines and the Nazarenes.

Happening Now

Here are some of the exiting moments in the evangelism and church planting experiences of some of the new believers:

Roberto: "I am now able to enjoy the encounter I had with God after a Christian shared with me about Jesus in a house church I was attending. I came to this meeting with a hard heart, but God penetrated my heart and I am a changed person. I have been baptized and am now being trained and equipped to open my home and lead a worship service."

Medina: "I am very thankful because as a Christian I was able to apply to my life what I have been taught in a Training center in our local church and now am training others to evangelize and plant churches. What a blessing to serve Him and to serve others."

The Saturation training centers' fundamental objective is to train pastors and lay leaders. They in turn develop and train others to plant healthy and reproductive churches that will multiply themselves in principal cities and in the communities of the country.

After almost three years more than 464 training centers have been started and many thousands of pastors and leaders have been trained to plant churches. Many thousands of house churches have been planted. One traditional church has planted 65 house churches on the coast. Another in the eastern section of the country has planted 25 house churches.

The membership in each of our partner churches has more than tripled. To God be the glory!

Sixteen other denominations have become so excited about the church planting movement that they have jumped aboard to be a part of this adventure. Even more denominations are getting involved.

One of the strengths of God's church has been evangelism and discipleship of believers. Due to the context, the focus is on the training of leaders in small churches and investing in people's lives, not in facilities.

It has been very evident that saturation of the Gospel in this country has been very fruitful because of the commitment of our partners to pray and "put their hands to the plow."

MFM Prayer Teams

We knew from the beginning that goals would not be met unless the project was bathed in prayer. With the commitment on the field and support from MFM prayer teams doing prayer walks in the country, as well as praying every Wednesday at 11 a.m. with a network of intercessors that pray for the ministry each week, things have moved very fast. Thank you all that have made this "explosion" happen. God is faithful and pastors and leaders have been trained and house churches planted.

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