“4VEH is My University!”

By Kate Michel Marketing & Communications Director, Radio 4VEH/Resounding Hope


When 39-year-old Guilène recently came to visit Radio 4VEH, she brought a donation for the ministry, along with a note indicating the amount given by her and her 8-year-old and 5-year-old sons, Steeve and Emanuel. In her note, she said:

“Thank you LORD for Radio 4VEH, it’s my university. It’s under 4VEH’s teaching I’ve learned all of life’s lessons.”

Radio-TV 4VEH is a lifeline to so many Haitians—from the rural poor to well-educated professionals in the cities. The impact of the broadcasts is why we receive so many touching comments like the one from Guilène.


Another listener, Julio, father-of-two, lives in an isolated mountaintop community, expressed his appreciation for all that he learns as he listens to 4VEH:

“We receive such good teaching from 4VEH. If before you were tempted to go backward, now you’re encouraged to go forward.”

You’ve heard the wise words that it’s better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish. How important it is to teach Haitians skills they need to be productive, to raise families, to love their neighbors, and to have the opportunity to know and serve the Lord as their Savior. That’s why everything on 4VEH is Bible-centered, applied to daily life, and relevant to our audiences.

The world has changed rapidly since 4VEH began in 1950— but our mission has not. Through AM and FM radio, online content, radio by phone, smart phone apps, to television and new partnerships to reach wider audiences, 4VEH now has unprecedented opportunities to reach, teach, and serve the people of Haiti in Jesus’ name. Thank you so much for all the ways you partner with us as you ‘pray, give, and go’!


Please pray for the Lord’s help for all our presenters as they prepare programs to impact lives for Christ. And pray that those who listen and watch 4VEH programs on the radio, TV, online, on smart phones, and other devices will put into practice what they learn in their own lives, homes, churches, and communities.

Your Donations Make a Difference:

A gift of $50 (US/Canada/Australia; £30 in the UK) will fund a one-hour radio program. To donate to Radio 4VEH broadcasting, please mark your gift 4VEH Broadcasting #469960-16G901.

A gift of $60 (US/Canada/Australia; £40 in the UK) will sponsor a Resounding Hope solar radio for a Haitian family. To donate to Resounding Hope Solar Radios, please mark your gift Resounding Hope #407870-RASU16A.

Please make your donation payable to OMS and mail to the office in your country (page 3 of the pdf). Thank you!

For more information: Please contact Kate Michel at kmichel@radio4veh.org