Ask Me About My Journey - Dallas Bundy

By Dallas Bundy

Dallas Bundy
Dallas Bundy

I'm from the Salem First Baptist Church in Salem, Illinois. That is also Brett Bundy's home church. He is Haiti field director and I'm his uncle.

As a pastor, I've been involved in evangelism, and it's been helpful in Haiti. I also have other skills that benefited the work in Haiti –– woodworking, electrical, and even experience at sewer work.

The first trip to Haiti was related to medical work ––clean out the clinic, straightened it up, and put curtains up around the beds. I had skills which helped me to do all those tasks.

This trip is more about evangelism and distributing radios. Our team got to share six radios, and we were hoping to give out several more because news in the villages travels fast. Someone receives a radio, and they all want radios to hear Radio 4VEH.

So it's very exciting, but we need more radios. Our church is in the process of giving more to this great project.