Ask Me About My Journey - Emil Nattier

By Emil Nattier

Emil Nattier
Emil Nattier

I am part of a Salem First Baptist Church work team of ten from Salem, Illinois. This is my fifth trip since 2009.

We’ve been doing evangelism and giving out solar-powered radios. We begin by inquiring about the spiritual condition of the family and ask them to share with us their idea of who God is. Then we have an opportunity to present the Gospel.

Today, one person we spoke with called on the name of Jesus, receiving Him as Savior. We then presented the latest version of solar-powered radio that is able to receive the radio signal from 4VEH as well as play a pre-recorded Bible.

Being here, seeing and hearing the impact that evangelism and radios have on those who listen to us talk about Jesus, I am encouraged to be even more bold in talking among those I interact with back home.