Ask Me About My Journey - Jim Pancratz

By Jim Pancratz

Jim Pancratz
Jim Pancratz

I was a traffic engineer before I retired. Now I work for the Census Bureau as a census taker.

I first came to Haiti about fifteen years ago to try to repair an x-ray machine. I know circuitry pretty well.

Recently, I heard about a project of rewiring the OMS compound. I contributed to the project, but I also wanted to come down and do some work to get it hooked up.

I'm often asked why I keep returning to Haiti. Well, I enjoy it.

I don't think trips have changed my life a lot, but they do give me a focus. I see changes in Haiti since I first came. There's less drumming from the witch doctors and voodoo than there used to be. I haven't seen witch doctors’ houses with their flags on this trip, and I used to see them all the time. So, I think that things are improving in that way. The mission compound has had improvements. The electricity is better than it was when I first came down. Maybe I have had some small part in that.