Knock, Ask, and Reap

By Roger Huth

September 2015 vision team in Medellin, Colombia.
September 2015 vision team in Medellin, Colombia.

When Jesus says that fields are ripe for harvest, the image of wheat fields in Midwest United States comes to my mind and concludes that the picking is easy. I have never been to Colombia nor have I seen the steep hills and stairs leading to three-story buildings, which did not compute, but that was the harvest terrain. Although many of us were in need of a push or pull to navigate the steep inclines, we all received a blessing in harvesting the fruit that God had prepared beforehand. And the blessings were rich because we worked for the same goal, to bring glory to God.

The first day doubt creeped in as to whether we were to partake in the harvest. Our first plane was delayed. We rescheduled, but a thunder storm rolled in to delay us for a long time. However, once we landed in Miami, the plane was still at the gate.

The harvesting duty was well planned. Everyday a bus transported us from our hotel to the four churches where we were scheduled to work. The first day we attended one of the churches to get acquainted with the customs and culture. Every day we were escorted by translators who were mainly college students or graduates donating their time.

Each day the bus waited in front of the hotel as the interpreters arrived, and we were assigned an interpreter. When we arrived at the church, we were greeted by its members, who were also donating their time and effort to expand God’s Kingdom.
The leaders of the mission explained the proceeding of the day. They also gave a demonstration of the EvangeCube which was presented after the missionary gave their testimony. The church volunteers were also assigned to a team.

We set off in teams of three. The church volunteer knocked on a door, introduced themselves, and ask if they would like to hear how the North American came to know the Lord. If the person at the door showed interest, that was the moment my anxiety peaked. Fear of murmuring or wondering if complete sentences were to come out of my mouth, I began to speak. One sentence, then the translator would interpret, then another. And God was good, as He had prepared beforehand that the first knock would reap a harvest. As Psalm 52:15 says: “O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth Your praise.” This greatly helped in quenching the fear we all felt when we first set out. Another knock and another commitment, then another. As the day progressed, our team could clearly see God at work, and we were all gaining confidence.

After lunch, the church volunteer gave the EvangeCube presentation after the missionary presented their testimony. By this time the volunteer had seen the missionary’s presentation several times, and although they were all unsure of themselves at the start of the day, their presentations went smoothly. After we gathered at the church for the final time, the names and addresses of those who made a commitment to Christ were presented to the church for further disciplining.