Ask Me About My Journey - Bill Anderson

By Bill Anderson

John McLaughlin interviews Bill Anderson from Scotland
John McLaughlin (right) interviews Bill Anderson from Scotland.

Harry Burr of Men for Missions visited Scotland in 1976, and I met him in Kylsyth, the small town of 200 people, where I live. I joined MFM in 1978, and there began this journey of a lifetime.

My life has been changed because MFM has given me the opportunity to exercise my basic skills and allowed me to show love toward other people. I have seen lives changed through acts of help and work and seen changed people move on from there.

I have been involved in support ministries with OMS work in France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Uruguay, and other countries in Europe. It has been a great blessing to see how people have supported the ministries and missionaries across the world.

Involvement in MFM has strengthened and developed my relationship with God. The MFM seed was planted, I got involved, and became the National Director of the United Kingdom. I truly enjoyed doing that, not knowing that in those years of development I would be given roles of responsibility within the leadership of MFM. That small seed planted in a Scottish village has brought me to where I am now.

For a man seeking to use his talents and skills for a real purpose, I would say, “Just do it.” When you get involved in MFM, you make an impact in someone's life or in a ministry that has an eternal effect. For example, MFM built homes for earthquake victims in Haiti. We also need to consider how to impact people for God so they can know, worship, and adore Him. For me, that is the greatest part of being involved in MFM, to have fewer people go to hell.