Ask Me About My Journey - Wendell Bole

By Wendell Bole

Wendell Bole
Wendell Bole

Hugo Latigan former OMS Director in South Africa introduced me to Men for Missions.

He challenged me to raise money for bicycles and Bibles for Africa. The project I put together was what MFM wanted. They needed somebody in Africa to handle it. I went to Greenwood, met Warren Hardig, attended a cabinet meeting, and since then I work undercover for MFM in partnership with my ministry, Circle of Faith.

I own a bicycle shop and a 70 kilometer game trail, Mountain Bike Park, and I coach and race internationally. I wanted to sell the shop and become a missionary once I returned from Greenwood. My wife reminded me that I was already in the mission field. Every day I talk to someone about the Lord.

I received a phone call from an unknown man in Dubai. He'd heard about my alcohol addiction and delivery through God's grace. I am now his mentor hopefully leading him closer to the Lord and away from alcohol.