Ask Me About My Journey - Ken Westercamp

By Ken Westercamp

Ken Westercamp
Ken Westercamp
I am a retired architect from Eli Lilly. My opportunity to volunteer at MFM was perfect timing because OMS has been involved with Haiti, and in 2010, they had a devastating earthquake. This was an opportunity to help replace homes and churches. We had the opportunity to buy a property in Bon Repos and build a community of homes and a church using volunteers from MFM.

The Haitians took ownership of their property and started raising gardens, plants, and fruit trees. They had such joy to say, "I grew this. This is my tree and my garden." It was a real blessing to be a part of that.

Volunteering at MFM gives me a sense of self-worth and purpose. Being surrounded by such wonderful co-workers is a blessing I've never experienced before. The prayer life and the worship has been an additional blessing I never expected.

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