Who Are The Real Heroes?

By Warren Hardig International Executive Director, Men for Missons

Warren Hardig (left) interviewed reluctant local Greenwood, Indiana, World War II hero, Paul Totten.
Warren Hardig (left) interviewed reluctant local Greenwood, Indiana, World War II hero, Paul Totten.

One of Indiana’s most highly decorated World War II veterans does not want to talk about the horrible atrocities of war and his experiences in the steamy jungles of the South Pacific. There he confronted a relentless enemy from foxholes and as a POW.

When pressed for more details, his usual comment is, “I am no hero.” Then he continues, “The troops behind the lines, the quartermaster corps, who brought us food and other supplies, they are the real heroes. Many of them gave their lives to help us.”

In the same way, missionaries in OMS are in a spiritual battle. They fight against the powers of darkness and evil forces on many fronts around the globe. There must be a supply line which provides communications, processes finances, and supplies literature. They are not called quartermasters, rather the heroes behind the lines in OMS are called homeland missionaries.

MFMers give added assistance with short term medical, construction, evangelism, and prayer teams. They are the vital link to the individuals and churches who pray and financially support our front line mission.

Some quartermasters in OMS and MFM may wear different styles of uniforms. I remember two dairy herds sold—one in Illinois and another in Pennsylvania––to supply needs in Colombia and Russia. In these two dairymen, God performed closed heart surgery and gave them new depths of compassion and a deep burden for those without Christ.

These men wearing overalls, milking cows, living regular lives on their farms, have never thought of themselves as heroes. When God spoke to their hearts, they not only provided supplies, they went themselves to serve on the front lines.

My first involvement with OMS was in a monthly prayer meeting with a banker, school teachers, farmers, housewives, and other professionals who were praying for God’s power, protection, and enabling for missionaries. Their hearts had been changed by visiting missionaries in nations where OMS missionaries served. Many tears were shed in those prayer meetings, which came from hearts filled with compassion. My new friends were a part of the quartermaster corps.

I am proud of the quartermasters in OMS that we refer to and carry the title, MFMer. Any man, no matter his country of origin or race who answers in the affirmative, I will do whatever God asks me to do, I will go wherever God asks me to go, and I will give whatever God asks me to give is a member of Men for Missions. We want more heroes.

Who are the heroes? They quietly serve behind the lines. Paul Totten, our local war hero, was led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ more than forty years ago at the OMS world headquarters by an MFMer, a homeland missionay. He now serves behind the lines, encouraging missionaries, and loving his former enemies out of a heart that has been changed by Christ.

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