My Journey - Al Gaines

I want to share my story with you on how Men for Missions has impacted my life.

By Al Gaines Regional Director Northern Plains

Al Gaines
My name is Al Gaines and I'm from Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and I want to share my story with you on how Men for Missions has impacted my life. Back in the fall of 2014, Kent Eller and I were at a Missions Conference in Bismark, North Dakota. We were bantering back and forth, and next thing I knew, Kent had invited me to go to Haiti with him to build houses.

My son and I took a chance on Men for Missions and we took a journey with them down to Haiti, and we built a couple houses at Bon Repos. We had a pretty good trip. I was impressed with Men for Missions.

In the fall of 2015, Kent called and said, "Al, we need to go to Colombia and do some evangelism work. We had a team drop out and I need members." And I said, "Well, Kent, I don't know, when are you going?" And he replied, "In two weeks."
I didn't consider myself to be an evangelist, and I just assumed the Lord would say, “No.” When morning came, I got a pretty clear word that we were going to Colombia to do evangelism, and that evangelism trip to Colombia just rocked my world. It changed me. I liked what Men for Missions did, I liked their approach to ministry and how the people that said yes to Jesus Christ had people there to disciple them. That was very important to me.

From that day, about every month, Kent would call with the recruiting speech. Like a rabid dog, he wouldn't give up, and finally, the Lord said, "It's time. You're going to go on staff with Men for Missions." I became a regional director in the Northern Plains and travel Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and eastern Montana, and just tell people about the possibilities of doing missions with Men for Missions.

For MFMers the journey is the destination, and the discovery of personal purpose and fulfillment. Iowa business-man, John McLaughlin, interviewed MFMers about their life-changing journeys.

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