Ferguson Foundation: Our Men for Missions Heritage

It all began with two men, Dwight Ferguson and Stanley Tam.

By Warren Hardig MFM Global Executive Director

It all began with two men, Dwight Ferguson and Stanley Tam. Interestingly enough, both men received honorary doctorates.

Both were passionate about reaching out to people to tell them about Jesus Christ and how God sent His son, Jesus, to be a sacrifice for their sins. Stanley, at 103 years of age, is still telling those in the home around him how to be saved.
Warren Hardig and Stanley Tam.
Warren Hardig and Stanley Tam.
MFM founder Dwight Ferguson.
MFM founder Dwight Ferguson.
Dwight passed on to glory some time ago leaving a legacy of faithfully serving Jesus. Ferguson was often referred to as a fiery evangelist. He often referred to himself as a zero with the rim rubbed off and also called himself, “flunky Ferguson.” Believe me that those of us who knew him did not agree about the “flunky Ferguson” statement.

Dwight was a devout student of the Word, and he used excellent English. However, most of his illustrations were very down-home. I have had the privilege of being with Dwight in many places from Olney, Illinois, to Seoul, Korea, when God’s Spirit moved in powerful conviction of sin. In those situations, the Holy Spirit brought the spirit of repentance and then replaced that with the spirit of Joy, as the recipients of God’s Word realized after prayers of repentance that they were for-given.

When Ferguson asked God,“How do we reach the multitudes of Asia?” God answered,“Laymen.”

It is our passion in MFM to keep Ferguson’s vision and bur-den alive by sharing the message of Jesus Christ with multitudes of people around the world. I am thrilled that more people than ever before in our history, which began in 1954, are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Much of our ministry is carried out with funds from the Ferguson Fund. As our outreach expands, our need for more income increases.

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Thy name give glory because of Thy lovingkindness, because of Thy truth.” (Ps. 115:1)

Ferguson Foundation: Leaving a legacy

By Jay Dunnuck, CFP One MIssion Society Mission Investment Advisor

Leaving a legacy of faith and generosity is something all involved with Men for Missions have a passion to accomplish. One of the best ways to demonstrate your faith to your family while being generous with resources God has given you is to have a well planned last will and testament.

Think about it, being crystal clear about how you desire the wealth God has given you to be passed on to the next generation gives clarity, confidence, and peace of mind to your family when the day comes for you to enter eternity.

Take action today to leave a legacy of faith and generosity by having an updated and clear last will and testament.

Including the Ferguson Foundation in your will is a great way to leave a legacy of faith and generosity in support of Men for Missions. To accomplish this, you can include the following language in an update of your will:

"I hereby, give, devise and bequeath (insert description of property, $ amount, or percentage of estate) to ONE MISSION SOCIETY of the United States, a non-profit organization headquartered at 941 Fry Rd., Greenwood, IN 46142, Federal Tax ID: 95-1891575 to be used in its entirety to be added to the balance of the Ferguson Foundation."

Jay Dunnuck is a missionary with One Mission Society who worked in the field of Financial Planning for 14 years before joining OMS. If you have questions about updating your will or including the Ferguson Foundation in your will, please feel free to contact Jay via the following methods:

Jay Dunnuck, CFP®
Mission Investment Advisor
One Mission Society
Email: jdunnuck@onemissionsociety.org
Cell: (260) 403-5822
Office: (317) 565-6341

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