G5-30 Update

MFM Global

By Kent Eller MFM Executive Director

The MFM Global Cabinet developed the Global 5-30 project intending to start an MFM type ministry in 30 new countries in 5 years. Since November 2018, we have been asking God to direct us to the nations and relationships that could help us share about MFM.

Here’s an update on what has happened since that time and ask you to pray for these people, places, and relationships:

Ukraine—Mike Miner, MFM regional director, shared with the field missionaries in July, and they are praying about how this might work in Ukraine.

Colombia/Venezuela—Jonathon Tobon, MFM Colombia Director, was going to take their first MFM team to Venezuela in November but had to cancel as it was not safe. They are looking to reschedule in 2020. MFM Colombia has had many churches we’ve partnered with in evangelism start an MFM type ministry going to their community and other communities.

Dominican Republic—Doug Tankersley, MFM Latin America Director, met in the Dominican Republic Sept. 16-19 with folks that have an interest in starting MFM in the DR. They also have many contacts throughout Latin America.

Cuba—MFM has been a part of ministry in different cities with work, prayer, and evangelism teams. We have used these opportunities to start MFM in many of these places.

Scotland—Des Quinn, from Kilsyth, Scotland, has been accepted as MFM Regional Director, Scotland. Pray for him and his wife Karinee as they move forward.

Israel—Pray for Hank and Deby Miller, who are applying to be the MFM Director in Israel.

The Republic of Ireland—Alan Russell and I met with friends about starting MFM. Pray for James as he puts together a group of men to help him, and Alan as he gives direction.

Liberia—Bill Evans and Kevin Woods were in Liberia in November and had the privilege to share with over 140 men about MFM. They met George Ville and felt he is the man to appoint as MFM director-Liberia.

Japan—Carl Poynter, has presented MFM to =our Japanese friends, praying about a director. We have sent eight work teams to Japan to help with the church build in Kochi. It will be an ECC training center and used to do outreach in that area.

Australia and New Zealand—Kent Eller tentatively plans to make a trip in May of 2020 to identify MFM folks.

Kenya—We have two new relationships in Nairobi, Kenya. Dick McLeish met with Silas and Rahab Waweru, who are OMS missionaries that want to start MFM.

Peru—Keith Smith, MFM ministry team director, has friends that are missionaries in Peru. They would like an MFM team to visit them and also to meet with a possible leader for MFM.

Hungary—Keith Smith has talked with the field leadership about MFM in Hungary. They are looking for a potential future MFM leader. They think there are opportunities with the Methodist church and discipleship groups for MFM.

We’ve identified other countries on the map as places we are seeking relationships to begin an MFM type ministry. We are working to move forward with these, and as Dwight Ferguson said, “You don’t have to build a fire - find where the fire is burning and carry wood.”

G-5-30 Map

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