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Men for Missions Expands into Liberia

By Kevin Woods MFM US Cabinet Member

In November, 2018, the Men for Missions Global Cabinet launched into a new era of expansion as we sensed the Lord leading us to begin an MFM style ministry in 30 new countries over the next five years. Since that time, God has been showing us many opportunities for expansion. One of those countries is Liberia, in West Africa. One year later, the possible expansion of Men for Missions into Liberia became a rapid process of holding organizational meetings, naming a National Director, and scheduling the selection of a leadership team.

Our initial connection in Liberia started last year via Joseph Kollie; a young man introduced to Men for Missions by Wade Graber, ECC Church Multiplication Facilitator for Liberia. Joseph sought our involvement with “Shelter Liberia,” a project he began to assist with home construction for financially struggling families in and around Monrovia, which generated interest by the MFM-US Cabinet in learning more.

Then, an effort by representatives from several church denominations and mission organizations to expand and coordinate their ministries in Liberia provided an opportunity for me and MFM-US National Director, Bill Evans, to travel there and meet with that group as well as with Joseph and his associates.

Kevin Woods, Geroge Ville, and Bill Evans
Kevin Woods, Geroge Ville, and Bill Evans together as MFM Liberia is started.
We traveled with Joseph to meet George Ville, whom Joseph had suggested to lead Men for Missions Liberia. We attended Sunday morning worship at Apostolic Christian Fellowship Church, where George teaches Sunday School. After church, we met with men that came in response to George’s invitation to learn about Men for Missions and explore the possibility of establishing an affiliate in Liberia. We had a great turnout of 160 men, with representation from over 30 churches.

George gave a motivating and insightful explanation of his vision for bringing Men for Missions to Liberia as a means of discipleship, emphasizing personal responsibility, involvement, integrity, and accountability. Bill then presented the mission of MFM to challenge men to Do, Go, and Give in total obedience to Jesus Christ, to further the vision of establishing the Lordship of Jesus Christ in each man’s life, at home, and around the world.

Men gathered to learn about Men for Missions in Liberia
160 Men gathered together to learn about the opportunities of Men for Missions in Liberia.
The subsequent discussion raised many issues, including questions about organizational logistics and legalities, criteria of eligibility for men to participate, relationship to church denominations, and potential projects. Bill easily answered many questions, while others will need to be addressed by the group as they get themselves organized in consultation with MFM leadership.

To set that process in motion, George arranged for a follow-up meeting, inviting a representative from each participating church to return the following month. While a considerable effort will be needed to establish a leadership team and organizational structure, we are thankful for the great show of interest in building Men for Missions in Liberia and anticipate much good work for the Kingdom in the coming years.

Transforming Liberia

By George Ville MFM National Director-Liberia

Geroge Ville
The beginnings of Men For Missions (MFM) on November 17, 2019, is welcome news for the Christian community of Liberia. Dwight Ferguson’s assertion on men and their role in missions around the globe also resonates in Liberia. Since the founding of the Liberian state and its independence on July 26, 1847, in the Providence Baptist Church in downtown Monrovia, men traditionally are playing carefully knit administrative roles in the church. As a result, the clergy is not influencing laymen and their commitment to do whatever God asks them to do, go wherever God asks them to go, and give whatever God asks them to give as enshrined in the MFM Pledge.

Evangelism in Liberia is overwhelmed with the prosperity gospel message that dilutes the clear salvation message that seeks the lost. MFM is not a church, yet will attempt in its outreach and evangelism to enhance the salvation gospel of the Kingdom. Our vision is to evangelize Liberia so that Christian men can transform their families, churches, and communities, and further this country to a spiritual zenith that God can call His own.

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