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Radio-TV 4VEH in Haiti

By Kate Michel Fundraising & Communications Director, 4VEH/Resounding Hope

2011 4VEH ACTION article
Radios delivered in 2011 helped people in Kayemit hear a new voice, a Gospel voice, in their village.
The Sound of Hope in Haiti

In a 2011 ACTION magazine article called Villagers Hear A New Voice, we asked you to pray for the Kayemit village after we began door-to-door evangelism and solar radio distribution efforts there.

Back then, 4VEH evangelism leader Medson called this area ‘virgin territory for the Gospel’. After the first day’s evangelism, Pastor Deusma, a pastor in a nearby town who was burdened for this needy community, said, “Even though people here don’t have a church where they can worship God, they can now hear the Gospel. The radio receivers will help them to hear the Word of God. Listen, you can already hear people listening to the noon prayer program on their little radios!”

“I know it’s a seed that’s been planted today. And God will bring those seeds to fruition. He will produce the fruit.”

MFM Teams are Boots on the Ground

First with the ‘boots on the ground’ help froma Community Church of Columbus, Indiana team, then Findlay Evangelical Free Church, Ohio team and others since, we’ve worked with Pastor Deusma since 2011, to influence this community for Christ. As people tuned in to listen to 4VEH broadcasts every day, Gospel seeds planted are bearing fruit.

Bethel church
What a joy to return to Kayemit village as Bethel church, planted with 4VEH’s help, gave praise to God at their 4th anniversary celebration in July 2019.
Gospel seeds bear fruit!

Fast forward to July 2019.

We take another MFM team to Kayemit, to work alongside this now 80-member strong church, Bethel Church of Kayemit, to talk with people about Jesus, leading some to Christ, giving solar radios to families in need. We return on Sunday to worship with them as they celebrate the church’s 4th anniversary.

Kate Michel with Pastor Deusma
Kate Michel with Pastor Deusma, celebrate God’s work in Kayemit, where 4VEH has helped plant a growing church.
Pastor Deusma writes: “This church began from 4VEH’s work here! This is known to be a rough community, always problems here. But 4VEH is teaching people how to love each other. Thank you so much!”

Bethel church anniversary
Through their generosity, the MFM team helped the church provide a meal to all who came to celebrate the church’s anniversary, a gesture of love to this community where many people come to church hungry.
How do MFM teams help 4VEH reach, teach and serve the people of Haiti with the Gospel?

MFM teams serve with 4VEH as boots on the ground for our Resounding Hope evangelism and solar radio distribution outreach, as we help local churches go door-to-door to present the Gospel. With supplies of radios available, we leave each family or household with a Resounding Hope solar radio to give people access to a Christian voice that speaks daily help and eternal hope through all-day radio broadcasts and the audio Bible. When these teams come to work with a local church, they encourage local believers and open doors for ongoing Gospel conversations in the community.

Sam Shaferly, John Souza and Rodney Jean
Sam Shaferly, John Souza and staff member Rodney Jean help move furniture.
MFM teams also serve at the 4VEH Broadcast Center. Sam Shaferly, John Souza joined 4VEH Facilities Manager Brad Buzza in re-organizing office and studio space to give our television crew more room to work.

Special Note

After nearly 70 years as a ministry of a larger mission (first East and West Indies Mission, then One Mission Society), 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, Inc. is now an independent organization, governed by its own Board of Trustees (including MFMers John McLaughlin and Neil Bryant). 4VEH continues to work together as a partner ministry of One Mission Society and Men for Missions.

Work Teams Needed in 2020

Serve on a work team to renovate 4VEH. Contact your local MFM rep for details.

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