Speaking English with a Purpose

English Camps: Ukraine

By Lori Adams

Ukrainian Campers and Staff
Campers and Staff at a Ukrainian English Camp.
I first went to Ukraine a year ago, and flying from North Carolina to Kyiv led to much anxiety. I was not sure what to expect as I navigated the different international airports and then connected with team members I had never met. Proverbs 3:5-6 reminded me to trust in God and know that he would direct my path. I knew that God would be with me all the way and never leave me. This experience allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and place my complete trust in God to see me safely through.

This August, I eagerly returned to Ukraine as a teacher for the English Camp to assist the college students with their speaking and understanding of the English language, and at the same time, show them how to have a personal, loving relationship with Jesus. This trip would provide opportunities to share my love for Jesus with these students.

The camp mixes fun activities with Bible lessons, singing worship songs, and discussing current life issues in a loving environment. I looked forward to meeting the two college girls that I would be rooming with, and we soon became very familiar with each other. The activities of the camp allowed us to become better acquainted with each other and opened the door of communication. During the discussions, we delved into the understanding of Bible verses that deal with these issues. It was refreshing to hear the thoughts of the students that went beyond what is on the surface and provided an in-depth look at the inner person.

The students are required to speak English, and the teachers from English speaking countries are there to assist them. The teachers came from different parts of the world, exposing the students to a variety of accents. We provided educational talks related to our various countries to give the students a glimpse of life where we live. The students also shared insights into their culture and country. These conversations opened the door for a better understanding of each other.

English Camp Participants
Many students were followers of Jesus and provided the other students with ongoing exposure to the love of God. The teachers shared their stories of how having a personal relationship with God helps us navigate our earthly life. The camp structure builds strong relationships and provides the students with the foundation for being a faithful follower of Jesus. The students are also given avenues for follow-up when camp is over, such as English speaking clubs and Life Groups that they can attend to continue their spiritual journey.

God was working in the lives of these students, and five committed to following Jesus, and ten other students wanted to learn more about having a personal relationship with Him. Being part of the English Camps in Ukraine is for anyone unsure of what gifts they may have to offer. The experience will help you serve the Lord as you spread the Gospel and love of God to the students of Ukraine.

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