Ask Me About My Journey - Davis Mertz

By Davis Mertz

Davis Mertz
Davis Mertz

I hail from Waco, Texas. I’m in the printing and outdoor lighted sign fabrication business, manufacturing, and installing lighted signs.

When I was approached in Waco to go on an MFM mission trip, I thought that was the last thing in the world I needed. But (the late) Jim Truitt, Warren Hardig, and Kent Eller took me out to lunch one day and said that it would be a life changing experience. They asked if I would go to Budapest, Hungary, on a prayer trip. I asked, "What is a prayer trip?" They said, "Basically, you go over there and pray for the missionaries and their work." I've always loved prayer, so I decided to go. Three of us went, and I had one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. It has drawn me closer to the Lord, and I’m blessed to be involved with MFM.

When asked to serve on the MFM Cabinet, I was humbled beyond words and have enjoyed every moment of my time with these men, to just get in there and get the job done.