Ask Me About My Journey - Glen Ewert

By Glen Ewert

Glen Ewert
Glen Ewert

I'm a farmer from Langdon, North Dakota. In the winter time I occasionally find time to go and do things for missionaries, especially in Haiti. I try and keep their generators going.

A friend of mine introduced me to MFM and he kept pulling my chain, “You really go and do this and do that.” Finally, about twenty years ago, he got me to go on a mission trip and get involved in missions.

It's been a good ride for me. I've grown because the Lord impresses upon me how He works in our lives when we're doing things for Him.

My wife went with me to Haiti one time, and it was kind of interesting when we left Haiti. We got in the plane, and as we were taking off, I looked at her and there were tears in her eyes. She has a soft spot for the Haitians and that's grown for her.

For me, I have come to the realization that the Lord is in the work that He asks me to do. So, I have confidence that whenever and wherever I need Him, He's there for me.