Ask Me About My Journey - Grant Zerbe

By Grant Zerbe

Grant Zerbe
Grant Zerbe

I'm a third generation farmer from Lustre, Montana. I accepted the Lord when I was seven years old. My mother passed away when I was nine and my father was killed in an airplane crash when I was eighteen. Suddenly, I was carrying on adult responsibilities. My Heavenly Father was the one In whom I could trust when there was no one else.

As I grew, I married, had a family, and got involved with MFM. What a neat organization that we can do, go, and give back to the Lord.

Farming has given me skills to use on the mission field; the ability to do a little of everything, to fix things and keep them going. Faith gives me a perspective to trust God when I don't see solutions.

The impact of MFM on my life is a means to give back to God what He's blessed me with, the ability to do what I can for Him. My wife, too, likes to be involved. She loves kids. So, it's been a real blessing for the two of us to work together on the mission field, and here at home.