Ask Me About My Journey - John Tipton

By John Tipton

John Tipton
John Tipton

I'm from Waco, Texas. I got involved in MFM because (the late) Jim Truitt, an OMS board member, thought that involvement in worldwide missions was something that was missing in my life. So, he got me involved on some mission trips and with the Men for Mission Cabinet, and then involved in more and more mission trips.

Of course, it changed my life and perspective on the world. I saw how Christ is touching lives of people all over the world. They're just like the people I know down the street.

The impact on my life of being involved, up close and personal, in missions has been to strengthen my personal relationship with Christ. It has given me an opportunity to have a personal outreach while personally touching lives. It has also given me an opportunity to see how Christ changes lives where I sometimes think things look pretty hopeless. That is what has been special and that is what has been unique.