Ask Me About My Journey - Randy Yoder

By Randy Yoder

Randy Yoder
Randy Yoder

I'm a contractor from Nappanee, Indiana. What I appreciate most about Men for Missions is the opportunity to be meaningfully involved with missionaries and people of other countries.

My involvement with MFM began years ago. My dad got involved back in the mid-1960s. So, I grew up with it.

My first MFM trip was to Mexico in 1969.

That trip changed my life. It has made me aware of needs out there in the world. But anywhere in the world, when we talk about Jesus Christ and what he can do in a life things happen –– in Haiti, Cuba, South America, and in my hometown. God ministers everywhere and touches and changes lives everywhere.

Often, I've been somewhere else in the world in a Sunday morning worship service, knowing that maybe my family and my church friends are back home worshiping, and we're all worshiping together, all parts of the world. God is God of the whole world.