Bibles NOW for Cuba

By Rich Yoder OMS Cuba Field Director

Spanish language Bibles, printed especially for use in Cuba.
Spanish language Bibles, printed especially for use in Cuba.

The Body of Christ in Cuba, has grown steadily for the past twenty years, but in the past four years, it has grown exponentially. Thanks be to the Lord for pouring out His Holy Spirit on the Cuban people so that their hearts and minds are open to His transforming power. Praise the Lord for impassioned Cuban believers who have gently witnessed and testified to the goodness of the Lord in their lives.

The growth of the Body has developed through the house group movement and using existing mother churches for larger gatherings and training. This growth has not come without sacrifice and a price.

Recently, Rachel Coleman, a member of the OMS Theological Team, was in Cuba, to listen and learn how they can come alongside the two denominational seminaries to help meet the great educational needs of the Body of Christ. Rachel commented, “There were many moments when I felt like I was walking through the Book of Acts on a 21st century stage.” It is important that house groups have a seminary-trained person among them. Strengthening the seminaries is a way to strengthen the Church that has tremendously grown.

A critical need at this moment in Cuba is Bibles. About four years ago while in Cuba, I met two different men from two different organizations that had received the same vision from the Lord: “to get one million Bibles to the Cuban Church.” I explained to them why I was so happy with this initiative and the need for Bibles. However, the reality is that there are many more Bibles needed.

There was a group of 20 pastors sharing five Bibles and another group of 11 pastors sharing one Bible! This is not a good situation for the Church.

The worshiping church in Cuba is hungry for Bibles in their own language
The worshiping church in Cuba is hungry for Bibles in their own language

How do believers keep the Bible as the authoritative Word of God when they don’t have a Bible?

How do they stay Gospel centered when believers don’t have Bibles?

How do they avoid cult-like groups from developing when believers don’t have Bibles?

Many agencies and ministries have entered Cuba, and offered the Cuban leaders money if they use their materials, wanting to be part of the great work of the Lord. While some of these materials are good and needed, the first material needed is a Bible.

Thanks to MFM-Canada and MFM-USA for their work to make Bibles available to the Cubans so that the movement of the Lord will grow in a healthy, Christ centered way. The cost is $6.00 per Bible.