“I Want to be Involved”

By Keith Smith MFM Staff

Perspectives Course
Perspectives Course

A Journey Deepens mission conference and the Perspectives Course at a local church changed the way Jennifer and I saw and thought about missions. We came in contact with One Mission Society in the summer of 2010, because my business card was given to Paul Cox, who served with the mobilization department at that time. We shared a lot of our family history and future goals with Paul and Dawn, which turned out to be a ministry opening for us.

As a result of the Perspective course, mobilization was something I had already been doing for the past five years, and didn’t know that it was something I could do to further the Kingdom for a missions group. The callout night in the Perspectives course was the night I got reconnected with Paul Cox. During the Perspectives course, God began to open our hearts to full time missions.

The next year was full of opportunities as Jennifer and I searched for ways to serve the Lord in full time missions. We made several visits and applications to mission agencies around the U.S.A. The Lord saw fit to close every single door for us.

One night in prayer, I told the Lord, “I am done trying to ‘fit’ ministry into our lives. If You want us in missions, it will be through my wife.” Jennifer was not aware of this prayer. In the best sense of the word, she has always and continues to be my anchor. I, on the other hand, am the guy that if God is involved, I want to be involved in His movement.

The Keith Smith family: Keith, Emma & Eliza (13), Iliana (7), Jennifer, and Luke (15).
The Keith Smith family: Keith, Emma & Eliza (13), Iliana (7), Jennifer, and Luke (15).

In 2011, we started home schooling our four children and settled into an “American dream” life. However, I was not comfortable in my own skin. God started to remove the joy from work and owning my own business. I didn’t want the life I was living, God was moving within me and my circumstances. God was moving in the life of my wife as well. Just not at the same speed. This is not the first or the last time this happened though.

One morning in the summer of 2014, I got a phone call from my wife telling me about a position that was exactly what we were praying for at One Mission Society. During that phone call, God showed me just how much He had been changing my wife and her thoughts about missions. I called Paul Cox, and he invited us to the OMS Conference that was two weeks away. We changed our plans for that weekend and accepted the invitation to see what OMS and MFM were all about.

After the conference the best way to describe it is, “It was a big family reunion, and I was the crazy uncle from California that nobody had seen in a long time.” We fell in love with the fact there were kids/youth activities for our children, and they had a blast with the OMS Kids program. While the kids were in their program, Jennifer and I witnessed God moving in an amazing way. In January 2015, we were accepted as OMS missionaries. A lot has happened in the past years in the Smith family to get us to the OMS campus, but by Gods provisions here we are with our OMS and MFM families. Every morning I get to step out my front door, and I smile from ear to ear as I walk to the MFM building for my day of serving the Lord as He sees fit here at MFM. God is good!

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