“I Want to be Part of It”

By Allen Quesada MFM National Director in Cuba

Allen and Maria Louisa Quesada serving in Cuba as MFM National Director.
Allen and Maria Louisa Quesada serving in Cuba as MFM National Director.

My name is Allen Quesada, I am the newly appointed Men for Missions National Director in Cuba.

I grew up in a very good, Christian family. My father and grandfather were both pastors, so I heard the gospel very early in my life. I had it all—love, friendships, but I wanted to find new things. These were things outside of God's plan for me. Then, I saw the reality of how this worked and felt lost. I did not find real friendships but found lies. That was the experience I had when I searched for things outside of God. But God touched me as a teenager when I saw the need to serve him and to follow him.

My relationship with God greatly and deeply changed my life. My whole perspective for life, hope, and love changed. I now see how God’s love changed my heart and how I'm able to use the same love to help change other peoples’ lives.

There are a lot of needs in Cuba, and people try to satisfy those through material things. But that's not the most important thing because once people realize that God exists and that He is sufficient, it changes their lives, whether they have material things or not.

I definitely have seen how God has changed my country and how He is working in Cuban’s hearts. And, I want to be part of it. I have prayed for God to please put me where He wants me. Personally, my involvement in Men for Missions and being appointed as the Cuban MFM National Director has been an answer to my prayer. I don't really know how information and communication has gotten this to work. I'm so pleased to be with the men in MFM.

I now have a vision for other Cuban men. I want to see a group of Christian men realize that they can do, go, and give whatever the Lord asks them. The Lord has given the strength and resources that can be used for the gospel in Cuba. Now we can have worship services in houses or churches, and we can preach. What else, I don't know.

I don't think presently that Christians are persecuted. However, my grandfather's and father's generation, had to suffer persecution. Now, you can work for the government and be a Christian at the same time. The open persecution by the government has not been the same the last one or two decades.

I have been asked if the new relationship between the U.S. and Cuba and the death of Castro had any impact upon us. I can’t say that it has. Normal Cubans do not have a real interest for the news, we are not living better or with more hope, it's the same for us. There is a hunger for God. You can see it in big cities in Cuba. People are trying to find good work and studies. They are trying to fill their souls with better goals. You can see it in business as people try to make more money just for something better.

My wife Maria Louisa, is nice, beautiful, and perfect for me. She has a big heart and loves Jesus Christ. She has a great interest in the ministry. Also, we are expecting our first child.

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