Indianapolis: New Ministry Hub

Planting and facilitating Hispanic churches that reproduce themselves.

By Jonathan Morton

Members of the Indianapolis church, Francisco and Blanca, moved to Tampa to plant churches...
Members of the Indianapolis church, Francisco and Blanca, moved to Tampa to plant churches...

In July 2016, a Hispanic church’s network was born in the U.S.A. Red Nueva Vida (New Life Network) plants and facilitates churches that reproduce themselves through daughter churches that plant more churches. Lay people are intentionally mobilized throughout the church body, discipled, and trained to make disciples and start new groups of dynamic believers that are the nucleus of new churches that are used by God to transform local societies.

OMS missionaries Jonathan and Lupita Morton have planted the mother church and help provide vision and coordination for the Nueva Vida Network. In the last six months, it has grown from 40 to 80 members and begun two new daughter churches! Members of the Indianapolis church, Francisco and Blanca, moved to Tampa to plant while members Omar and Katia moved to Chicago to do the same. Lay discipleship is key, and lives are being changed.

Omar’s relationship with his girlfriend had broken down and was distant from his six year old son, bitter, and without hope. Through the New Life church he heard about Jesus, gave his life to Christ, was forgiven, baptized, restored, and began to follow Jesus in day-to-day life. Actively involved in ministry, he makes disciples as he leads others to Jesus. Antonio, Francisco, Omar, and many like them, are being trained to plant churches in this dynamic, organic lay movement. Nueva Vida Network, in partnership with Asbury Seminary and others, has launched an international nine-module church planting training course for lay church planters. The nine modules are done while they plant with two days on site for each module; the rest completed with a mentor online. Regional centers across the U.S.A. will be the hubs to launch this initiative and unleash the potential within Hispanic churches. The first center begins in October in Orlando with 300 expected at the training. The second regional center will open in Indianapolis using the new national center for New Life Network.

Baptisms and lay discipleship is key
Baptisms and lay discipleship is key.

This future center is a 6,000 square foot piece of property donated by a local church. In the coming years thousands of lay church planters will be trained to plant churches that transform their local communities. Training has already begun with people like Omar and Francisco (pictured forefront) being called and released. The training center in Indianapolis will be the hub of the network and is a key foundational element in the Network’s growth and development. We already have possession of the property, but before it can be used for training, it needs remodeled.

...while Omar (center below) and Katia moved to Chicago to do the same.
...while Omar and Katia moved to Chicago to do the same.

MFM architect Ken Westercamp has surveyed the project and initial plans have been drawn up to convert this current storage space into the Nueva Vida national center for lay church planter training. The cost is $70,000. Work can start immediately when funds are in place.

You can partner with us. Teams are needed to participate in the remodel process. If you would like to partner in training lay church planters that will transform their local neighborhood with churches that multiply you can do so through prayer by simply adding your name to the prayer partner list emailing Nueva Vida prayer coordinator Greg Carlson at You can also partner by donating to the project number below in order to help the center function as soon as possible. Please prayerfully consider this. Teams will also be needed to help do the remodel and can be scheduled through Bill Evans at MFM! It is exciting to see how God is enabling ordinary people like Antonio, Omar, and Francisco to do extraordinary things not only in Indianapolis but also across the U.S.A. – and to be a part of it!

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