Ask Me About My Journey - Harvey Wall

By Harvey Wall

Harvey Wall
Harvey Wall
I live and own a jewelry store in Glasgow, Montana. MFM took me to Russia in 1998, to visit Maury Graham and has taken me on a couple trips to Haiti.

It was an eye-opener to see the needs of people. Now I see those around me in a different light and can reach out to them.

It has made a difference in my relationship with God. The outreach part of the Gospel, “to go unto all the world,” Is the spark needed to start individuals.

I would encourage other men to use their talents and skills. It doesn't matter what our skill level, there is a place in Men for Missions. God uses our talents in different ways.

My wife encouraged my adult son and me to take a trip, and we truly bonded. I appreciate a godly family and a focus in life. Certainly, my love for family and appreciation of Christ is more vivid in my mind.