Ask Me About My Journey - Neil Bryant

By Neil Bryant

Neil Bryant
Neil Bryant
I develop, design, and engineer building automation systems for Trane Manufacturer.

My parents, Koy and Margaret Bryant, visited Haiti in 1976, and returned on fire for the Lord. As a youngster, I saw the enthusiasm for missions, which started a family mission’s heritage desirous to serve the Lord. Missionary families came, and my parents kept going to Ecuador and Russia. We went together to serve the Lord in different countries.

Trained in air conditioning, I helped build the Radio 4VEH  station, took teams to do maintenance, upkeep, and equipment replacement. Also, did that in the Philippines. As a sector prayer warrior during Operation Saturation, I drew closer to the Lord and improved my prayer life.

We can get caught up in our hometown and miss what God is doing in the world, but I've made it a priority to take my three sons on mission trips. I'm excited to be back on the MFM Cabinet to fellowship, and work alongside great guys.